4.0 NAG 4 Finance & Property

Updated: 6.9.2018

P & P No: 4.0


According to legislation on financial and property matters, each Board of Trustees is required in particular to:

  • Allocate funds to reflect the school’s priorities as stated in the charter
  • Monitor and control school expenditure and ensure that annual accounts are prepared and audited as required by the Public Finance Act 1989 and the Education Act 1989
  • Comply with the negotiated conditions of any current asset management agreement, and implement a maintenance programme to ensure that the school’s buildings and facilities provide a safe, healthy learning environment for students


Arahunga is entrusted with a considerable amount of resourcing and money. With that trust comes an expectation that this is used to maximize effect to achieve a high standard of learning and achievement for our students.

It is the belief of Arahunga that NAG 4 is intended by the Government to assist the school to improve the quality of the education offered to our students.

Financial systems are intended to ensure:

  • That finances are used in a sensible and prudent way in order to assist us to provide for student learning and achievement.
  • That an audit trail is followed.
  • The Principal, Executive Team, and Board can address the requirements, of staffing and of finance, of Arahunga as a whole, across the breadth of its geographical spread or operations.

Each Regional Manager has some delegated responsibility for finance and property, planned expenditure and the maintenance of the asset register within their own region. Each Regional Manager also has the ability to make decisions about and purchase certain resources to support programmes running within their region with approval by the Executive Officer and Principal.

All items purchased by any region or department of Arahunga belong to Arahunga as a whole. E.g. Resources are not the property of one teacher alone, they must be available for use by any teacher within Arahunga’s operational regions.

Most Arahunga students are educated off site, either in satellites on the site of a regular school, in regular school classes, or in stand alone situations in a suitable locality to meet the needs of the students. Arahunga has base sites within regions which cater for the administrative requirements of its regional operation.

Arahunga is responsible only for the upkeep and maintenance of the regional offices. Host Schools are responsible for the maintenance of the physical premises at which Satellite and Outreach Services operate.

Review schedule: Within 3 years

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