4.2 NAG 4.2 Financial Management Below the Board Level

Updated: 6.9.2018

P & P No: 4.2

Purchasing Goods- following an audit trail


  • To ensure that school money is spent wisely and well.
  • To ensure school money is not misappropriated.
  • To leave a clear trail for audit purposes.


Please note that the operations grant is paid to the school in 4 termly installments. This means that the school can only spend a quarter of its budget in any one term. This might mean that purchasers sometimes have to wait until the following term before making a purchase.

If an item is to be charged to a school account, the purchaser must obtain an order number.
All purchases over $50 are to be done through the school office and must be approved by either the Executive Officer, Regional Managers or the Principal.

Purchases of items over $1000 in value require the approval of the Principal unless covered by the below Health and Safety clause in Policies and Procedures Document 3.4.
Purchases of items over $2500 in value require the approval of the Board, unless covered by the Health and Safety clause in Policies and Procedures Document 3.4, which states that:

“In regards to specific and actionable Health and Safety complaints these may be dealt with by the Regional Manager and Principal outside of normal limitations on monetary, management and governance procedures in order to ensure everyone’s wellbeing. (Eg. Risk of electric shock may be avoided by the Regional Manager ordering a same day repair exceeding the usual financial authorisation limits to ensure safety of all in the vicinity and ensure minimal disruption to education of students.)”.

For clarity the spending authorisation limits, when following correct procurement procedures, are as follows:

  • Teachers = $50 per petty cash issue
  • Regional Managers = $1000 per item
  • Executive Officer = $1000 per item
  • Principal = $2500 per item


Please check with the office before purchasing such items as stationery, as it is possible that special rates have been negotiated for the school that will save a considerable sum of money

Purchasing Items of $50.00 or less (Using ORS Consumables)

  • ORS consumables may be spent by the classroom teachers in amounts less than $50 per purchase.
  • Receipts must be returned to school office for all monies spent.
  • Coding of purchases may only be done by either the Executive Officer, Office Administrator, or the Principal.

Note: Urgent Health and Safety Concerns Spending

As stated in the Policies and Procedures Document 3.4 there may be times when a staff member identifies needs that require urgently remedy, for instance work needed to address health and safety concerns, and can not await a Board meeting. In this case a member of the Executive Team may exceed the usual limit of $1000. They will usually then inform the board at the next board meeting of their decision.

Transaction Records


  • To assist each class/unit teacher or person in charge to keep track of their expenditure within specific budget categories.
  • To assist the Board to budget for years to come.
  • To ensure that school money is not misappropriated.


  • All receipts must be returned to the school office.
  • Unauthorised expenditure from personal funds is not reimbursed.
  • The Executive Officer or their delegated representative collates schedules of monies spent for the school accountants.

Collection and Storage of Money


  • Money belonging to the school, staff or the students must be stored in a safe place.
  • All money received should be receipted and balanced.
  • Money should be kept in a locked drawer.
  • Cheques received are crossed and stamped “Not Transferrable”.
  • The banking of school money is carried out on a regular basis. It is not advisable to have large sums of cash on school premises.
  • Receipts must be issued to all people who send money to school.
  • Each Satellite Class must hold their own receipt book for this purpose.
  • Students may bring money to school for a variety of purposes—swimming, cooking, trips etc.

Money for Swimming

  • Money for swimming should be recorded separately.
  • This money should NOT be used to pay for the entry fee at the pool. An account will be sent to the school by the Splash Centre for this.
  • Money for swimming will need to be brought to the School Office to be banked on a regular basis.
  • Please bring the sheets on which you record and balance the money so the Office can take a copy.
  • You will be issued a receipt for the amount of money that you take to the office.


  • Fundraising can only be undertaken for specific purposes.
  • Fundraising must be authorized by the Principal on behalf of the Board, when necessary the Principal may refer fundraising authorisation to the BoT.

Staff Absenteeism and Relievers


  • A weekly record must be kept in the main office of staff absenteeism.
  • Only people delegated by the principal may employ relievers.
  • Staff who are going to be absent for genuine reasons (as stated in the Collective Agreement) need to inform their Team Leader, who will make a decision about whether a reliever should be employed to cover the absent staff member or not and inform the Relieving Co-ordinator, who will make a decision based on the information available to them.
  • The Relieving Co-ordinator is the Team Leader who is delegated by the Regional Manager with responsibility to manage the day to day operation of Relief Teachers in the region.
  • In some situations it may not be possible to out in a receiver where, funds or relief teacher pool do not have enough capacity to do this.

Professional Resources

  • Professional resources may be purchased with approval from a member of the Executive Team.
  • Staff who receive professional resources must sign to say they have received these. This is done using the Documents Received Record and helps to avoid unnecessary purchases.
  • The Documents Received Record will state whether the item is on loan to the staff member from the school (and so must be returned) or is a document the staff member is able to keep.
  • Items may be specified for staff members ‘to keep’ when they are considered a core document relating the staff member’s core work, these documents are designated ‘to keep’ for the specific purpose of allowing staff to highlight and write notes directly into the resource so that it can become a true working document.
  • Only a member of the Executive Team may designate items as ‘to keep’.

School Logo Use

Only the Executive Team as directed by the Principal are allowed to use the logo at their own discretion. All other staff or community members must gain approval to use the school logo in any context.

Online Banking

The school should utilise Online Banking wherever possible to make financial transactions as efficient as possible.

Online Banking will require two authorised signatories to sign off on transactions or payments to an external account or person.

The Executive Officer and Office Administrator are the primary designated users of Online Banking with the Principal also using when necessary.

Online Banking transactions should be included in the normal school accounts and included in the school audit processes.

Similar to the Credit Card, Online Banking should not be used for personal (non-school) related financial transactions.

Review schedule: Within 3 years

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