5.0 NAG 5.0 Health and Safety

Updated: 25.11.18

P&P No: 5.0

Health and Safety Policy

Each Board of Trustees is required to:

  • Provide a safe physical and emotional environment for students and staff.
  • Promote healthy food and nutrition for all students.
  • Comply in full with any legislation currently in force or that may be developed to ensure the safety of students and employees.


At Arahunga we believe that the safety of students can only be ensured by providing a safe environment for all members of the school community – students, staff and parents/caregivers. This includes both physical and emotional safety. Healthy eating, physical exercise, and regulated sleep patterns are all part of physical safety.

Our philosophy focuses on the positive and accepts people for who they are. The role of the teacher is to ignore negative behaviour unless it is dangerous, to redirect and to praise positive behaviours. The student’s role is to learn from praise, and to increasingly become responsible for his own behaviour.

We use visual strategies and social stories with many students in order to assist them to understand in advance the structure and sequence of both their day and their week, as well as specific activities within the day.

These strategies also enable us to signal changes to our students in advance so they are able to prepare themselves. This alleviates anxiety and assists with communication and understanding. The individual needs of students and their right to express their needs, should influence classroom programming and timetabling.

Staff are trained on an on-going basis in the principles and practice of Managing Actual and Potential Aggression (MAPA) to ensure the care, welfare, safety and security of all, in the event of a crisis. MAPA also puts a high value on the importance of staff observing and acting on early signs of anxiety in students, so students get the support they need in order to avoid a crisis.

Our efforts to provide a safe physical and emotional climate at the school and amongst this school community, as set out in this section, are intended to assist us to provide better quality teaching and learning for our students

The school will maintain a Health and Safety Committee who will meet regularly (at least four times a year) to review incidents, policies, and procedures regarding health and safety matters.


  • To provide a learning and working environment for students and staff that is safe both physically and emotionally, so they can focus on the real work of education.
  • To comply with all current legislation which ensures the safety of students and staff.


  • The school will have written management procedures that are actively practised and regularly reviewed to ensure compliance.
  • When any persons (student or staff) are involved in an incident of physical restraint, or physical harm (or any level of severity), that their wellbeing is monitored closely for rest of the school day in addition to all other appropriate Health and Safety procedures.

Review Cycle: Within 3 Years.

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