5.7 NAG 5.7 Vaccinations and Immunisations

Updated: 30.11.18

P&P No: 5.7

Vaccinations and Immunisations

Arahunga will reimburse staff members for your flu vaccinations when receipts are attached to reimbursement forms.

Please note: Teachers that work with Te Kura students must use the method below to get flu vaccinations.

Working With Te Kura Students

Te Kura funds flue injections for teachers who work with Te Kura students only when the correct process is follows as below:

Teachers who work with Te Kura must e-mail Te Kura to request a flu voucher which entitles the bearer to one flu injection.

For the current contact for Te Kura flu vouchers please enquire at the Arahunga office.

Hepatitis Immunisations

Hepatitis immunisations require written prior approval from a member of the Executive Team to be funded by Arahunga and will be decided based on the below criteria:

If it is deemed prudent in certain situations Arahunga will only reimburse vaccinations for certain strands of Hepatitis where this has been mutually agreed between a member of the Arahunga Executive Team and the employee prior to the vaccination occurring.

Review Cycle: Within 3 Years

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