1.5 NAG 1.5 Consulting with the Maori Community

Updated: 9.8.2018

P & P No. 1.5

Overview of Consultation with the Maori Community
The school is focused on meeting the individual needs of students through the mechanism of the IEP process. The IEP process is necessarily one of consultation with the whanau, and every effort should be made to ensure that such families feel comfortable when they are involved in this process.

The IEP process is focused on the needs of the individual students. Through the procedures already described in the book, the progress of these students is tracked and monitored. It is accepted that the parents and caregivers of the Maori students within the school have a focus on these individual needs, rather than on Te Reo, for these students.

It is equally accepted that for these students, the rich cultural heritage of Maoridom should form a part of their education. It has been noted that many of these students become the ‘experts” when on a Marae or involved in other cultural activities. The way in which they are viewed by others can radically change, and their status rise, as a result of such experiences. It therefore seems important that such experiences become a regular part of the experiences of each unit within the school. It also follows that links with local Iwi are very important in the lives of these students.

At this stage, the school needs to enter into a sustained dialogue with the parents and caregivers of the Maori students within the school, about their aspirations and learning intentions. This dialogue needs to look at educational and cultural needs for those students who identify themselves as Maori

The mechanism for this dialogue is intended to be the Whanau Sub-committee, as described below.

Whanau Support Group
(Sub Committee of the Board of Trustees)


  • to include and value the kaupapa of the local iwi and its contribution to the school for the benefit of Maori students
  • to contribute to the meeting of learning needs of Maori students through the IEP process


  • The Whanau Support Group will consult with local iwi to determine plans, policies and programmes which integrate local iwi kaupapa
  • The Whanau Support Group will meet regularly each term
  • They will identify ways in which the kaupapa of the local iwi can be included in meeting the learning needs of Maori students
  • Recommendations will be forwarded to the Board of Trustees and to the Senior Management
  • Team for consideration and implementation as required
  • The Whanau Support Group will report back to local iwi as determined by consultation
  • Through this process the school will meet Treaty of Waitangi obligations

Review schedule: Within 3 years

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