2.2 NAG 2.2 Self-Review

Updated: 9.8.2018

P & P No: 2.2

Review of Policy and Procedure


To ensure that the policies and procedures of the School continue to reflect:

  • The importance of student learning and achievement
  • The strategic goals and direction of the school into the future
  • What the school does and how it does it
  • Government legislative and compliance requirements
  • The school’s values


  • Policies and procedures for each of the National Administration Guidelines will be reviewed by the Board during the year, in consultation with staff representatives.
  • The review will look at policies over a four year term based on the BoT Work Plan and accompanying procedures will be regularly reviewed by the Principal and Senior Management Team to ensure they still meet the purposes outlined above.
  • The policies and procedures of the school will be published on the school website, the login area of which will functions as a Staff Handbook as well as the Board of Trustees guidelines.
  • Staff are expected to refer to the website regularly to ensure that correct procedures are followed.
  • The website version of policies and procedures are the official and working version of all policies and procedures for Arahunga.
  • Changes and improvements will be published directly to the website as they occur.

Review of the Charter / Development Plan


  • To ensure that the Development Plan goals continue to be relevant and meaningful to our students, and their families and caregivers.
  • To ensure that the school continues to put the Development Plan into action to improve student outcomes.
  • To agree upon and set the focus for improving and supporting student achievement across both Satellite and Outreach Services for the coming year and the four years following that.
  • To ensure our vision and values are understood and are being incorporated into Arahunga’s daily activities.


  • The Principal, Senior Management Team, and Board will take all practical steps to ensure that representatives of all stakeholders are involved in the Development Plan Review Process, including, but not limited to, students, parents, caregivers, staff, agencies, and the school’s partners.
  • The review of the Development Plan begins with looking at the current position of the organisation and progress against former targets and actions.
  • Throughout the strategic planning process the Principal, Senior Management Team, and Board of Trustees will look for any obvious barriers to student’s success in life beyond school.

Please note: A data driven analysis of learning achievement is a core part of the Development Plan with targets for the year ahead set based on the previous year’s student acheivement data.

Variance Reports

Review of Progress towards Charter Targets


  • To evaluate the success of the previous year’s goals.
  • To assist with the selection of a focus and the development of an annual plan for the following year.


  • The Variance Reports will be presented to the Ministry of Education and the School Community as part of the following year’s Charter.
  • The Annual Report will be presented at the AGM.

Please note: Variance Reports are submitted directly to the Ministry of Education on approved templates as the Analysis of Variance for the year, the information is also presented in the Development Plan. No identifiable individual student information is to be made public.

Review schedule: Within 3 years

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