2.4 NAG 2.4 Principal’s Appraisal

Updated: 9.8.2018

P & P No: 2.4


To release the full potential of the individuals within Arahunga which may involve:

  • Assisting good leaders become better leaders
  • Assisting good teachers become better teachers
  • Focusing the professional work, learning and development of team members on student achievement
  • Ensuring that there are opportunities for critical reflection on improving practice
  • Ensuring there is support for staff learning
  • To guide the improvement of the learning and achievement of students
  • Continued personal learning, upskilling and networking



  • The principal’s appraisal should be carried out by an outside Appraiser, chosen in consultation with the principal.
  • This appraisal should in addition contain a questionnaire of the appraisal process. This is where, as part of the process, a number of people who are in a range of different professional relationships to the principal are asked for their input within the process with a particular focus on the Senior Management Team and Board of Trustees.
  • Kiwi Leadership for Principals: Principals as Education Leaders should be incorporated in to the appraisal process.
  • The principal’s appraisal will usually be related to the goals set within the appropriate time period’s Development Plan.
  • It should be acknowledged in the process that the size and scope of Arahunga’s operations are such that individuals may not be directly managed by the Principal themselves.

Review schedule: Within 3 years

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