3.02 NAG 3 Personnel

Updated: 6.9.2018

P & P No: 3.02

National Administration Guideline 3

According to the legislation on employment and personnel matters, each Board of Trustees is required in particular to:

  1. develop and implement personnel and industrial policies, within policy and procedural frameworks set by the Government from time to time, which promote high levels of staff performance, use educational resources effectively and recognize the needs of students;
  2. Be a good employer as defined in the State Sector Act 1988 and comply with the conditions contained in employment contracts applying to teaching and non-teaching staff.

Arahunga School Personnel Policy


It is the belief of the school that NAG 3 is intended by the Government to assist schools to provide quality education for students and to ensure a safe and supportive working environment for all staff. For that reason, Arahunga has developed procedures for appointments, induction, staff appraisal and staff placement to ensure that the learning and achievement of students progresses.

The physical layout of Arahunga is that of both Satellite Services locations on separate sites attached to other schools, (some of these sites have multiple satellite classes located on them,) and Outreach Service engagements within numerous schools across the central North Island. In making any staffing decisions the Principal and management team (and when appropriate Board of Trustees,) must look at the requirements, in staffing and in finance, of Arahunga as a whole.

It is imperative that management and board have the flexibility to place both teaching and non-teaching staff within any of Arahunga’s working locations in order to best meet the learning needs of individual students across the organisation.

In implementing these procedures, the management and board of Arahunga intends to act at all times as a good employer, and consciously applies the principles and processes of the relevant collective employment contracts and legislation in their dealings with staff, while upholding the needs of all the learners we work with.

The position of Regional Manager has been delegated with duties of employee placement regarding staffing and locations of work for employees.

Review schedule: Within 3 years

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