About Us

We are a special school, educating students with special needs from Year 0 to 15 who are ORS (Ongoing Resourcing Scheme) verified or enrolled under a Section 9 agreement.

Our Vision is to empower students through education to become active, confident members of society.

We value Integrity, Independence and Autonomy, Personalised Learning, Manaakitanga and Whanaungatanga.Ilmenskie Plany Giant Fern clip art

We have high expectations and believe that every person can learn. We ensure coherence in what we do and create pathways to successful lives beyond school for our students. We are aiming for inclusion and work to ensure our students are actively contributing and being accepted in society. We recognise personal worth and teach that each individual is unique and invaluable.

We see great value in the diversity that all our students bring to our school. Their unique backgrounds and interests enable the learning to be adapted to foster creativity and awe in learners. Maori culture in particular provides a focus for understanding our wider New Zealand society, both historically and in the present. It creates an opportunity for our classrooms to draw upon rich traditions and knowledge which can help students to gain empathy and contribute to our multicultual society.