Communication and Decision Making Procedures for Teachers

Decision Making
Arahunga teachers are professionals who can choose appropriately between what needs to be referred to Heads of School/Team Leaders or not.
In general they make this decision by consulting what they know about the direction of the school. (i.e. Does an action or decision fit with the vision of the school?)
Priority in Decision Making
Teachers prioritise student safety and well being and so will actively engage support from Senior Management (usually Head of School/Team Leaders) to help them deal with issues in this area.
Senior Management Support Options:
  • The Head of School/Team Leader is the first line of support for teachers in our school regarding student education, health and safety and human resourcing.
  • The Executive Officer (or their designated officer) is the contact for administration matters, including: property, non-human resourcing and reimbursements.
  • The Deputy Principal is the Line Manager for all teaching staff in their stream (Satellites or Outreach) - they are the person to contact when relievers are needed and they are the person to whom problems are escalated when they need to go beyond the Head of Schools/Team Leaders.
Curriculum Support Options
There are specific curriculum leaders who provide support for core curricula and who should be contacted first for support and assistance with the following areas:
  • English and Literacy: Elaine Wolstenholme-Huisman
  • Mathematics and Numeracy: Angela Reynolds
  • Specialist Curriculum*: Megan McArthur
  • For subjects not listed above see the "Teacher in Charge of Subject" list.
*A note of clarification: The Specialist Curriculum Leader assist teachers with how to approach the teaching of students with specific diagnosis that affect their learning in the classroom. This support may be in the form of assisting them to research appropriately responses to the learning needs of the student.
Relating to Other Schools
In general, while all staff are expected to maintain a good working relationship with host school principals, the Head of School is the person who will be having conversations with the Host School Principal about concerns or issues. The Head of School will judge when this needs to be escalated to the Line Manager or Principal.
Teachers are not authorised to commit Arahunga to obligations to other schools, people or organisations (including Host Schools) without first involving the appropriate Senior Management personnel.