From the Principal's Desk 9th December 2016

The Principal's Chair

9th December 2016

Dear Parents, Caregivers, Families, and Friends,

Thank you for your support of our students and school throughout 2016. This has been a year of many exciting developments.

Our first formal combined satellite class prize-giving was a chance to formally celebrate all our student’s success this year. All classes went on a number of new ventures beyond the classroom, including a very enjoyable trout fishing expedition. All students were involved in making crafts and selling them at a market in town. My family’s Christmas tree certainly looks better because of the purchase of some decorations made by our students!

The hospitality program this year celebrated its first group of students to achieve their food hygiene and handling certificates and the horticulture program began, contributing it first lot of saleable plants to the market day.

We are happy to say that our new satellite class at Whanganui City College is moving forward and is in the final stages of negotiation. Our satellite classes are popular and as a result are continuing to grow fast. This new satellite will help to cater for the growing roll. We already have a group of students and their families working with Ms. Kay to get ready for their new class.

This year was the 50th Year Jubilee of our school being founded and the Jubilee events were well attended, a great time was had by all. The Jubilee committee did a fantastic job and I want to thank them for their tireless efforts to see this event come to fruition.

There were many other successes this year, too many to list here, but all of these have only been possible through people working together; students, staff, families, friends and various organizations. One thing that is very clear when working at Arahunga is that we get to see and experience a very positive spirit of community in action. A wide range of individuals and organizations from across our community come together for the benefit of our students and their families.

Have a blessed Christmas and a safe and enjoyable New Year!

Daniel J. Price