Principal's Letter to Parents 2015-09-21

21st September 2015


Dear parents, caregivers and whanau,

Although I am glad the weather is starting to warm up I have noticed that this winter has been a very productive season for our students and staff.

Highlights have been the School snow trips and the Junior School farm trips. The downside of the season has been some nasty colds and flus lurking around, resulting in some people being off school for lengthy periods of time.

In the Junior School classes have been learning about the production of milk from cow to store and exploring the life of a dairy farmer. Our satellite class at Rutherford even made a life size papier mâché cow! (The model cow comes complete with wheels so they can herd it into their milking shed.)

In the Senior School hospitality classes continue to enjoy the fruits of their labours in the form of healthy and tasty food. The gardens are starting to be planted as students begin to get outside and enjoy the better weather and the school courier service has become an essential part of the day to day running of the school. This service is run by students (with an adult driver) and helps us provide communication and logistics support across our local satellite sites. In the course of my observations this term I have also been privileged to see students in our satellite at Cullinane College succeeding in their Mathematics lessons on days, months and seasons of the year.

The aspect that particularly stands out to me about this term and the work the teachers and students have done is their combined creativity. Working together the teachers and students have found original ways to explore their learning and help each other find out more.

Have a great break and enjoy the valuable extra time these school holidays give you with your whanau.

Daniel J. Price


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