Principal's Letter to Parents of Students in Satellite at Cullinane College 2015-06-18


18th June 2015

Dear parents, caregivers and whanau,

I have watched our students work this year in a number of different settings and I think you should be very proud of your children. They are making good efforts at learning, are engaging with their host school communities and are working towards being more independent while starting to make their own desires known to those around them. These are vital life skills for our students and seeing them do their bit to rise to the challenge set by their teachers is an inspirational example to us all.

At the end of this term student’s reports will be sent out. These reports cover the wide range of school activities the students have been involved in this year. Please take the time to read the report with your child and encourage them. Praise them for their hard work and success. Even if you personally might think it is only a small success, remember it is big for them and they worked hard to achieve it! Parent, caregiver and whanau praise and support is a vital part of student’s learning. It teaches children that their hard work and diligence is worthwhile and valued by the ones they love. Giving praise and positive feedback helps to encourage students to try new things and to develop a positive attitude to work, whether it is school work or work in the home or community.

You will notice above our new school logo, which is designed to be easy to read and to illustrate the full range of our influence as the special school with the largest geographical outreach service in New Zealand.

Administrative Process Change

We have changed the way digital notices are sent out to parents and caregivers in the Arahunga Satellite at Cullinane College.

To avoid confusion Cullinane College’s digital notices will now be passed onto you through your Satellite teachers. This means the notices will be forwarded to you from the satellite teacher’s e-mail address rather than from the Cullinane College office.

Mail Clipart

This should not cause any difficulties or require any extra actions on your part but it will help to avoid administrative confusion, as there are some notices that do not apply to Arahunga satellite students.


Thank you for your support of our students this term and I want to wish you a great term holiday break with your children.


Daniel J. Price


Arahunga Special School and Outreach Service