Satellite Cellphone Use

The following are the expectation around use of satellite cellphones, we have tried to keep them as simple as possible:
  • 7 am till 5 pm school days satellite cellphones are answered and used by the assigned teachers. Teachers may also choose to use them for work business outside this time at their discretion.
  • Teachers should specifically check for notices from their Line Manager or Head of School at 7 am, or earlier if possible, as relieving information may be communicated in this way.
  • Teachers are to use phones to keep parents/guardians informed, e.g. text/pix/e-mails or student progress, celebrations or health matters.
  • Teacher aides may use phones only as directed by their supervising teacher/s.
  • Any inappropriate use of a satellite cellphone will result in appropriate disciplinary action.
Any phones on unlimited plans may be used for sensible personal use, in the area of the unlimited plan e.g. if your phone has unlimited text but not phone calls, you may use the text, but not the calls, for sensible personal use.