Work Skills Setup Process


The Line Manager of Satellites works to find opportunities for work skills. When they have found these opportunities the classroom teachers need to match the opportunities to their students and communicate with the employer appropriate numbers of students and times. Obviously there is some common sense needed to navigate different situations.


A Typical Work Skills Scenario Will Look Like This:

  • The Line Manager approaches Mr. You, who is the owner of We Are Us Distributors Ltd. and he agrees to consider having students come for work skills experience at his distribution factory.

  • The Line Manager identifies potential experiences available to students at the factory. (e.g. packing shelves, stock checking, sweeping floors, etc.)

  • The Line Manager arranges for the school’s Health and Safety Officer (HSO) to do a site visit. During the visit the HSO records any health and safety issues and discusses with the We Are Us Distributors HSO how the school can meet the site’s own health and safety regulations.

  • The school’s HSO takes the report to the Health and Safety Committee for approval (any issues are dealt with appropriately.)

  • The Health and Safety Officer delivers the signed off Health and Safety report to the Line Manager.

  • The Line Manager then hands over the process to the classroom teachers, along with all paperwork responsibilities.

  • If they haven’t already done so, the Classroom teachers identify potential students whose future focus this specific work skills experience fits best with.

  • The Classroom Teachers discuss the possible work skills experience with the student and their parent/caregiver together and get their agreement (signed on paper) for the work skills experience to continue.

  • The Classroom Teachers now begin their own communication with Mr. You (or his delegated representative - i.e. factory supervisor) to arrange the details of the work skills experience, ensuring in the process that all Health and Safety concerns are met.

Other Relevant Notes on the Process:

  • Classroom Teachers need to oversee the supervision process, i.e. A mixture of Teacher and Support Staff supervision as appropriate to the individual circumstance.

  • Teachers are expected to be able to report on their first hand knowledge of how the students is progressing in their work skills experience placement (i.e. not just through support staff feedback).

  • Work skills experience will need to be regularly reviewed with parent and students.

  • Worksite opportunities will need to be regularly reviewed by the Line Manager to ensure the relationship with the school is strong and the opportunities are being maximised for students.

Potential Iterations of the Process:


  • Due to opportunity or existing relationships the work skills experience opportunity may be discovered by the classroom teachers. Provided they keep the Line Manager in the loop and that the work skills experience is appropriate they can continue with the process as outlined above, but with the Classroom Teacher carrying out the Line Manager’s initial scoping work.