NAG 5.6: Outreach Health and Safety

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Outreach Health and Safety

Health and Safety is important in any workplace. Here are some school procedures that cover us in our different situations - in host schools and in homes.

If working with Te Kura students please also refer to their guide (Teacher resources, Specialist teacher, Te Kura Newsletters)

The place of work must be appropriate and safe. If at any time you have concerns please notify us.

Outreach Service Teachers 2016

Specialist Teacher Fiona Anderson
Specialist Teacher Mary Dean
Specialist Teacher Judi Driscole
Specialist Teacher Marie Evans
Specialist Teacher Joanne Francis-Alles
Specialist Teacher Marcia Gresham
Specialist Teacher Dianne Handley
Specialist Teacher Andre Hansen
Specialist Teacher Tracy Hawker
Specialist Teacher

Communication and Decision Making Procedures for Teachers

Decision Making
Arahunga teachers are professionals who can choose appropriately between what needs to be referred to Heads of School/Team Leaders or not.
In general they make this decision by consulting what they know about the direction of the school. (i.e. Does an action or decision fit with the vision of the school?)

Arahunga Outreach Service

The Arahunga Outreach Service supports the education of ORS funded students within regular schools.

Our Specialist Teachers support classroom teachers in those regular schools in the areas of Professional Practice, Teaching and Learning and Inclusive Education.

Click here to view the brochure about how the Arahunga Outreach Service works.

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