NAG 5.6: Outreach Health and Safety

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Outreach Health and Safety

Health and Safety is important in any workplace. Here are some school procedures that cover us in our different situations - in host schools and in homes.

If working with Te Kura students please also refer to their guide (Teacher resources, Specialist teacher, Te Kura Newsletters)

The place of work must be appropriate and safe. If at any time you have concerns please notify us.

National Administration Guidelines

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The National Administration Guidelines (NAGs)

The National Administration Guidelines for school administration set out statements of desirable principles of conduct or administration for specified personnel or bodies. The NAGs were last amended on 24 October 2013.

National Administration Guideline 1

National Education Goals

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Education is at the core of our nation's effort to achieve economic and social progress. In recognition of the fundamental importance of education, the Government sets the following goals for the education system of New Zealand.


The highest standards of achievement, through programmes which enable all students to realise their full potential as individuals, and to develop the values needed to become full members of New Zealand's society.


NAG 6 Legislation

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This document is due to reviewed and updated by the Board of Trustees in October 2016.

NAG 5.5 Health and Hygiene

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NAG 5.4 Pandemic Planning and Response

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This document is due to be reviewed and updated by the Board of Trustees in August 2016.

NAG 5.3 Education Outside the Classroom

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NAG 5 Health & Safety

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