From the Principal's Desk 7th March 2017

The Principal's Chair


To all members of the Arahunga Special School and Outreach Service community,

We are pleased to be able to announce that the Arahunga Secondary and Transition Learning Hub at Whanganui City College will be operational from the beginning of Term 2, 2017.

This exciting partnership has been achieved through the collaborative efforts of staff and Board members from both Arahunga and Whanganui City College (WCC), and has been approved by the Ministry of Education (MoE).

The Hub will include:

Satellite Cellphone Use

The following are the expectation around use of satellite cellphones, we have tried to keep them as simple as possible:
  • 7 am till 5 pm school days satellite cellphones are answered and used by the assigned teachers. Teachers may also choose to use them for work business outside this time at their discretion.

Communication and Decision Making Procedures for Teachers

Decision Making
Arahunga teachers are professionals who can choose appropriately between what needs to be referred to Heads of School/Team Leaders or not.
In general they make this decision by consulting what they know about the direction of the school. (i.e. Does an action or decision fit with the vision of the school?)

Student Medical and Emergency Contact Information - Storage Procedure

In order for this information to be readily available in an emergency this information needs to be stored at both the Arahunga Administrative Office and the Host School Administrative Office. Teachers are required to check that both offices have the updated information on file and to make staff at both offices aware of any changes or updates received from families and caregivers.

Emergency Incident Guidelines

Classroom Release Time Procedure - Satellite Teachers

Classroom Release Time for Satellite Teachers is provided in order to allow teachers to attend to the following tasks:

Arahunga Satellite Classes

Students on our school roll learn in our satellite classes which are based at local host schools. These classes allow our students to be part of the local school community while still receiving the specialist teaching and resourcing which Arahunga Special School provides. Students who are passed school age attend our Transition to Work class, where they learn the essential skills for transferring from school to life and work after school.

We have satellite classes at the following host schools:

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