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Work Skills Setup Process


Satellite Cellphone Use

The following are the expectation around use of satellite cellphones, we have tried to keep them as simple as possible:
  • 7 am till 5 pm school days satellite cellphones are answered and used by the assigned teachers. Teachers may also choose to use them for work business outside this time at their discretion.

Outreach Service Teachers 2016

Specialist Teacher Fiona Anderson
Specialist Teacher Mary Dean
Specialist Teacher Judi Driscole
Specialist Teacher Marie Evans
Specialist Teacher Joanne Francis-Alles
Specialist Teacher Marcia Gresham
Specialist Teacher Dianne Handley
Specialist Teacher Andre Hansen
Specialist Teacher Tracy Hawker
Specialist Teacher

Senior Management Team 2016

Principal Daniel Price
Executive Officer Annette Aldridge
Deputy Principal of Satellite Classes Kay Bannister-Rye
Deputy Principal of Outreach Service Margaret Smith
Head of Senior School Simon Beitchef
Head of Junior School Caleb McGregor
Team Leader Outreach Service Taranaki Shirley Wisnewski

Satellite Teaching Staff Classroom Allocation 2016

Arahunga Satellite Class at Tawhero School Caleb McGregor and Dineshwar Dayal
Arahunga Satellite Class at Carlton School Hollie Emery and Anne Moon
Arahunga Satellite at Gonville School Judith Mellsop
Arahunga Satellite Class at Rutherford Junior High School Megan McArthur and Hamilton Ngapo/Jim Coogan
Arahunga Satellite Class at Cullinane College Simon Beitchef and Angela Reynolds

Staff Curriculum Responsibilities List 2016

Literacy Curriculum Leader Elaine Wolstenholme-Huisman
Numeracy Curriculum Leader Angela Reynolds
Specialist Curriculum Leader Megan McArthur
English Elaine Wolstenholme-Huisman
Mathematics Angela Reynolds
Science Dineshwar Dayal
Social Sciences Deborah Foster

Communication and Decision Making Procedures for Teachers

Decision Making
Arahunga teachers are professionals who can choose appropriately between what needs to be referred to Heads of School/Team Leaders or not.
In general they make this decision by consulting what they know about the direction of the school. (i.e. Does an action or decision fit with the vision of the school?)

Teacher's Aides - Management and Communication Procedure

Teacher's Aides are employed to assist teachers to deliver the appropriate individual and corporate education of the students in the teacher's class.

Student Medical and Emergency Contact Information - Storage Procedure

In order for this information to be readily available in an emergency this information needs to be stored at both the Arahunga Administrative Office and the Host School Administrative Office. Teachers are required to check that both offices have the updated information on file and to make staff at both offices aware of any changes or updates received from families and caregivers.

Emergency Incident Guidelines


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